Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I committed myself to a swap. It is on a yahoo group I belong too. I said I would make a wire wrapped doll. There had been much talk about Ray Slaters Book "Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists" I bought the book. I looove books like I love chocolate. Don't make me pick between the two. I just couldn't. I had a day last week when not only didn't I have any chocolate I got up late and missed my half hour read and coffee which is how I start my day. I was out of sorts all day. I like my routine. I get up and put the kettle on, while it boils I wash my face and then fill up the plunger make my cuppa and get my book and sit out in the family room and drink it while I read and watch the sun come up. It is a great way to start the day.
Anyway back to the pincushion and the wire wrapped doll. they do combine.
I committed myself to the swap. I haven't made a wire wrapped doll before. I needed a pincushion. why do I over commit. I decided I needed to practice on the wire wrapped doll. I made her She turned out pretty good. I sewed up 6 hands and they all were less that great. All this in 45 degrees C and above. So on the night before I needed the pincushion I thought Eureka and rolled up a bit of felt I made last year and put her together. Yes I know her hands aren't perfect and her head looks funny because originally her head was going to be the pincushion and I stuffed it with wool. I won't do that again. But she is finished and that is the main thing. Her plaits are wool roving. She is wrapped in hand dyed pink cotton and then over wrapped with strips of panne velvet. Her skirt is a gathered tube of panne and her wrap is velvet too. He hat is a big yoyo that I stitched on. She was one of 25 pincushion considering we had about 25 members at the meeting, cause it was another hot hot day I thought the response was great.
Next months challenge is a dress form (Mannequin) should be interesting.

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