Friday, February 20, 2009


I've been stitching. I am finished my piece for Fiber Forum. Everyone takes a 15cm x 15 cm piece that is sold to provide a scholarship for the next year. I had started this little landscape ages ago. Yes that is a shisha mirror for the moon.I had great fun doing it. The sky is thread darning. You lay down a lot of long stitches and then weave over them to create the fabric. I made the piece of blue felt and then rub a shiva stick over a piece of net. There is more thread darning/needlelace for the tree trunks. The foliage is a bit of hand dyed silk throwsters waste. I stitched it with a blue thread cause I forgot to write the colour on it and it seemed like a good colour to use. The purple/green is a piece out of my scrap stash and I am not sure if I bought it already dyed or dyed it myself. I think I bought it already done and it might have even come from Spotlight. Anyway it is done and I think it might even get displayed somewhere else before FF.

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Susie McMahon said...

lovely little piece, Peta. Anyone looking at it should look at the full view to really see the stitching detail.

Did you get your box of goodies yet? I mailed it ages ago.