Sunday, April 27, 2008

Doll and Mushroom

Here are two of my pieces, the doll is part of the Town Hall Exhibition for the SA Embroiderers Guild. The Mushroom is off with them too for the Botanical Gardens Exhibition.
The doll was dressed for a doll group challenge to dress a doll without a pattern. The skirt is two pieces of cheesecloth nuno felted together and the top is a rectangle of nuno felt with two arm holes cut into it then stitched at the front with bought ribbon flowers. Her hat matches it was my first attempt to felt around a ball. Which was not a great success as a vessel as it was intended but looks cute as a hat.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Silk and Wool Fibres

I recently bought The Wild Women book from The Thread Studio and this inspired me too make this bag even though it is nothing like anything in the book. I used the technique for felting around a resist from the book Uniquely Felt (also from The Thread Studio).
I have been having a great time with silk and wool fibres. I have quite a stash of these. I have bought them from all over with some of my favourite sites not in order of preference as I couldn't really pick a favourite. - for ribbons and other stuff.
The Thread Studio.
Essential Textile Art.
Unique Stitching.