Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quiet Day

I had great plans for today. Instead by the time I got home yesterday i thought I had swallowed glass. My throat was sore, I had a headache etc. Luckily I was able to get into my Doctor. He was running late so I saw another Doctor. She prescribed antibiotics cause my throat is infected. I hate antibiotics. So does the Dr I saw but sometimes you must take them. We had a conversation on menopause etc. I mentioned how the estrogen didn't agree with me and she had a look at my last hormone scan and said I already had too much despite having a hysterectomy last year and now having no ovaries. Any way I am going to change to seeing her and we'll see if she can stop or at least control my hot flushes etc. She was also scathing of the blood glucose test I had recently that another DR said was fine. So we'll see if there is a difference.
I am feeling pretty crappy so I haven't accomplished much at all. I am going to attempt to get some work done on the swap doll. maybe.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time is flying

As you know I am doing a two week intensive training course for work. It is interesting and I am getting a lot out of it. The course focuses on leadership and of course they have gathered 23 people with leadership skills and given them no one to lead. This is always interesting. We did some personality tests today and I haven't changed a bit. I am a 'Promoter Executor' which means I take charge of situations. I am good at Tactical prioritizing. I have a talent for negotiating. I want a measure of my success. I keep my options open. I enjoy acting as a consultant and winning people over. I take care of my family and friends. I thrive on a challenge and I am disappointed when others don't appreciate me. I am resourceful and can improvise making me a good problem solver. I am motivated by a crisis and I think on my feet. I do not always see the big picture for the details and I get bored easily and I may begin many projects and not finish them. If I get bored I become disruptive. Well that didn't tell me anything I didn't know.
I have homework every day and I still struggle with that. We have to hand it in the next day so I can't put it off. Must get to it. I am not getting any craft time in but I did get some nice fabrics to take to Fiber Forum. I also got a really nice length of cheap silk.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have been a bit quiet. I always have good intentions too post more often. Sorry about that. I am preparing for Fiber Forum. Work keeps getting in the way of what I really want to do however without work I could not do much of what I want to do. I work to live so sometimes that means I have to put the work first.
I got my promotion a few weeks ago and that means that I have to study. I am doing a two week course and unfortunately the home work is keeping me from my textile work.
The venue is the Adelaide Sailing Club right on the beach at West Beach. It is a beautiful venue and I had a walk at lunch time out onto the breakwater. There is heaps of seaweed which is creating interesting patterns.
I spent a little time on the weekend putting the studio to rights. That is definitely a work in progress. I bought some more of those big plastic tubs and gathered the odd balls of wool that had been stashed in various places and filled two 90 liter tubs. I have to use them. I have a plan. I found a bag of circles I crocheted ages ago and I am going to take a ball from the stash and just crochet bits onto the circles. Eventually I will have used all the wool and I will probably be able to join them all together and make a cover for a jumbo jet or something similar. I also found some pure wool jumpers I am going to felt. Maybe I should felt them and then cut them into bits and add to the jumbo jet cover.
I should be doing my home work for the course but I'd rather talk to you.
I have been taking a natural product for my hot flushes and it worked really well until this week. I could boil the kettle on my head at the moment and make a cuppa.
Speaking of which that is what I need to inspire me to complete the dreaded homework, a cuppa and a chocolate frog.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have been busy. My oldest son and his fiancee had their engagement party on the weekend and we had family visiting and preparations etc. It is all done and went really well.
I have ordered my supplies for Fiber Forum. Had a lovely chat with Marion of Beautiful Silks and ordered more than I probably need but oh well maybe my textile friends would like some of the goodies. India Flint had a workshop on the weekend that I would have liked to attend but had the party so I will wait eagerly for the next one. I have started to collect some pure wool jumpers for felting and something. I finished the purple jumper I was working on. It is a bit loose around the neck so I will need a ribbon or something for the neck. I also ordered a lot of books from Amazon. Retail therapy to recover from the party, the visitors and to celebrate my promotion.
I also bought another big tub for my wool. I am going to move it into the spare room to create a bit more room in the studio. So much to do.
I have had a week off work and do not seem to have accomplished much at all. Back to work tomorrow damn.