Sunday, November 30, 2008

Still Sunday

What else have I done since WEdnesday. I have developed an interest in vintage dolls and while discussing the upcoming visit from Susie McMahon my friend Sandy told me about a yahoo group on making Vintage dolls so I joined that. Friday, finished remaking the ugly waistcoat and went to lunch with my friend Zoe and went to work.
Saturday I went to the Folk and Decorative Painters of SA committee Christmas lunch. I nearly didn't get there due to the head ache I had but took some pain killers and went back to bed for a bit and off to Adelaide for lunch and then home and off to Murray Bridge for work which means I clocked up about 200 km's in a day. I am a busy bee this week.


I am not sure what happened to Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday I must have done something other than go to work. I have finished the ugly waistcoat and renamed it the pretty great waistcoat. I have also nearly finished another waistcoat I started some years ago. It was the thing I made in a stenciling workshop. I just have to put on some buttons or ties and a tie for the back as I was about 12 kilos heavier when I made it and I am not taking it apart to remake. I had intended to spend today stuffing Moxie but I'll do that tomorrow. Must go to work I will take the knitting with me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


today I spent a lot of time on the ugly waistcoat. I also met a friend at Belair for lunch. then some shopping and home to do some more on the waistcoat. It is nearly done. then I can happily get too work on the new dolls I am doing. I don't have any new sites for you but if you look at Susie McMahon's site at the side of here you'll see the doll I am making with her next week.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I did one thing from the list today. I went too the gym. Greg suggested that we go and look at the Hans Heysen Exhibition at the SA Art Gallery. Then we went to Stirling and had lunch and did some shopping at the Organic Cafe. Then home and babysat the Gkids for a few hours always fun. Caitlin thinks that knitting needles are "very dangerous Nan". But she sat for ages stroking the wool "Cause it's like a purple sheep" she told me.
Then home to catch up on emails etc and a little note for you.
My favorite Hans Heysen painting at the Exhibition was The Saplings. Every exhibition we go to we pick an item we would like to take home if they suddenly offer to give us one. It hasn't happened so far but here's hoping.
I bought a book as I do. I love books like I love chocolate books do not increase my butt. I was looking at the Maggie Grey book Textile Transformations and there is a free online class to go with it. As I needed to order some wool and things for my fiber forum class I got the book too.
Which led me too Workshop on the Web which I am still investigating. also Issue 6 of Fibre and Stitch is out or in emailed to me anyway. but I haven't looked at it yet.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Another blog

Here is another dolly blog too look at
Mimi Kirchner
I will try too post something too look at each day


Well here it is Monday. I didn't go to work today it is a day off, my Saturday. I had good intentions of going to the gym. but I went out for lunch with my son Matt and went to Spotlight instead. Then I thought I would go to the gym this afternoon. but I sewed up Moxie with my friend Teena instead. Ah the gym I thought I'll go now after Teena went home. But Greg distracted me with talk of takeaway chicken, chips and gravy. So the gym can wait. I did sew up the pieces for Moxie. But my list has not progressed since then. I did find a patchwork vest I started years ago and along with a vest pattern I bought recently I decided to play with that instead. I also did another inch of my knitting. What possessed me to knit a jumper in 4 ply. I will show it too you when I am done. It is a knitted and crocheted mixture.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I have added a site to my blog list. Sharron B pointed it out to me on her Blog
the new one is Allie in Stitches


Here it is the beginning of a new week. I look at Sunday as the first day of the week. I have 3 days off. the weather here is quite bizarre for the end of November. I am sitting here in a track suit and my ugg boots freezing my butt off.
I have 3 days off work and as they are driving me a bit demented at the moment I am not going in to do any extra days. I may change my mind about that before morning as I could use the money. I should make a list of things to do over the three days and then I would realize I don't have time to go to work.
1. Sew and stuff the bits for the Susie McMahon workshop.
2. Finish the piece for Fiber Forum next year. I am finishing a little thread darning moonscape I made earlier for the auction at Fiber Forum.
3. Order the silk etc for Fiber Forum.
4. Stuff and sew Aliyah.
5. go back to the gym. I haven't been for weeks. My back seems to have settled down so if it plays up again after going to the gym I think I will resign my membership and just get fat and lazy. Fat and lazy has a great deal of attraction at the moment.
6. Make Christmas Cakes for Embroiderers Guild Xmas Extravaganza. I also must take in the stuff for the next exhibition and return that library book and pay for the summer school.

I definitely don't have time to go to work.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hmmmm, I am in need of some inspiration on how to dress my version of Sandy Pines Aliyah. I thought a fairy but now I am not so sure. Perhaps a dryad. Is that simply a fairy without wings or is there more to it. I have the 2009 Josephine Wall calendar and there is a dryad in there. Hmmmm perhaps. Brian Froud is sure to have a bit of inspiration.
Then again perhaps something a bit different so to digital images for a bit of inspiration.
Perhaps she should be a Victorian miss or she would make a cute french maid for that next exhibition. Hmmm perhaps I'll just go to bed and sleep on it. I'll have all that time at 3.00 am when I wake up and lay there and think about the world in general and nothing in particular. Hmmm...?

New Machine

Well I have finally got too play with my new machine. I have sewn all sorts of things including a near miss with my finger and the BSR. I love the BSR. It is a basic stitch regulator. Very handy. I am finishing something off for a friend and I also have a new doll on the way. I have been trawling for inspiration on how too dress her she is Sandy Pine's Aliyah.
I also have to do a self potrait in fabric for a display next year and have to get it done by September 2008. Yes I am running a bit late with that one but will get too it. I have the plan in my mind and just have to do it. Well should do it now.
Have a look at this site for digital images.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Today has been another crazy day. I still haven't had a chance to play with my new machine but I am going to The Bernina 440 Club at Allmake tomorrow so I'll get a chance then.
today I got up late and toddled off to town to Doing Dolls and Quilts to hand out the patterns for the Susie McMahon workshop. We are making the doll above Moxie in December.
Jackie is joining us for the workshop and was good enough to host an info session for those doing the doll. She is also moving out of her premises so I took the opportunity to buy some very nice voile and stock up on 20mm wooden beads and soem round rings for dorset buttons. Then wasted a couple of hours food shopping. I did buy a new magazine that I hadn't seen before called Textiles Anyone? this is an Australian and New Zealand Textile Craft Directory. Yes a list of suppliers, tutors, groups and guilds. Some very interesting reading there.
I am hoping to get some serious cleaning up some in my workroom so I can start another project. I am going to finish something first. I have to finish quilting the squares for Caitlins quilt so that will be next I think. I have started Sandy Pine Pattern Aliyah. She is very pretty and I have a plan for her. Sandy is a member of The Cloth Doll Club of SA she is our wonderful newsletter editor and I would be lost without her. I am President and if she resigns so am I.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some details

Titania is the Tilly in the Tub pattern by Christine Treleaven reduced to 70% and dressed. Her blanket is a piece of hand dyed cheese cloth and the feathers are a packet from Spotlight glued on. I painted the silk for her nighty and smocked it and then embroidered the ribbon roses and leaves. Her hair is a wool/silk roving wrapped around foam rollers and sewn on like beads. Her bank is a cardboard box filled with the foam stuff plumbers used and some extra shaping done with toy stuffing. Covered with a piece of my own handdyed cotton and cheap flowers from Neds etc. I am going to do some more work on her bank as The SA Embroiderers Guild have asked for her for the display in March at The Botanical Gardens

Titania finished

Well at last she is done. I finished Titania for the Craft and Quilt Show. The group shot is the dolls I displayed. The center shot is of Titania the little fairy is one I made some years ago and she was in the display for kids to pick up and hold. Kids always want to touch the dolls, adults too and it is nice if there is a few simple dolls for them to pick up and feel.

We have four prizes for entering and 3 were decided by viewers choice. Number 4 was the Presidents Challenge and this will be a lucky draw for all those who entered a new doll which fit in the theme for this year.
The theme for our display was "There is a Fairy(Magical Creature) in the garden". Unfortunately there was not a huge response to having a themed section so we probably won't do that again. The committee (I am president) thought we would offer an incentive to participate and introduced the Presidents Challenge. The rules are
• A new doll finished between November 2008 and November 2009 that has not been displayed before.
• Must fit the theme set by the President which will be announced in the February Newsletter.
• All participants will receive a ticket for each doll entered and a lucky draw will be performed at the December Meeting 2009.

Our next display is at the Hahndorf Doll and Teddy Bear Extravaganza and I have set a Challenge for that too. To dress/decorate a doll mannequin or make/dress/decorate a dress form.
I hope there will be a bit more interest in that.

I have also been in the local paper with my dolls and am going to be in the Weekender. Local free paper. I was also on the TV but that was for work. I am a celebrity(SO not).

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Day

What a lovely day I have had. Lovely couple of days actually. The Craft and Quilt show is on in Adelaide. My cloth doll group has an exhibition there are photos to come. Also I have 7 pieces in the SA Embroiderers Guild Exhibition which is also part of the Craft and Quilt Show. I have spent the last two days talking to craft people of all types. As you will have read earlier on this blog my darling husband thought a while ago that sewing heavy curtain material with teddy bear jointing thread would be fine to do on my sewing machine. He was wrong. I got it back today from the repair place, All Make Sewing Center in Adelaide. I bought it there and they have always serviced it for me and treated me very well. While there I was lusting over the Quilters Edition Bernina and the owner of the shop offered me a great show deal for one with a good trade in for mine. When I got home I mentioned to Greg that I thought this would be a great way to invest the money I am getting from work. Blow me down HE AGREED!!!!!
I am so excited. I am going to get it this week instead of waiting till later in the year after the price goes up. Yay for me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A DollMaking Journey

Here's another blog to look at
A Doll making Journey

Don't forget to check out the links.
I have finished my Titania, I am off to set up our display at the Craft and Quilt Show,