Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot it is hot

We have been spoilt here in Southern Oz. Last Summer we only had the odd hot day. Wow is this summer different. Hot it is Hot. I am melting. Aren't sauna's supposed to be slimming. I should be shedding kilo's. I keep replacing the sweat with chocolate. I keep my chocolate in the fridge, who cares if it is a bit discoloured. It is still CHOCOLATE and that is all that matters.
I must say my fabric dyed beautifully. I put it into black garbage bags and left it out in the 45 degrees celsius heat for two days and wow. Greg turned the bags over occasionally for me and they were practically boiling.
The experiment didn't go so great but it is not bad and I will certainly use it eventually for an art quilt I have been planning in my head.
I dyed a piece of cotton sateen for a new dressing gown and some lace from my stash. It turned out beautifully.
I have a huge piece of lace that feels like plastic so I cut a piece off the corner and washed it in hot water and then dyed it. It was fairly pale but the dye held really well so I am not going to throw it out after all. I am inspired to make some clothing and I can use it in that.
I will take some photos and put on here. My friends shirt is really nice. I hope she likes it.
I am melting her in the heat. I had years where I would not sweat and would get overheated and then feel really ill. Since the Op I sweat like a normal person which is a good thing. Just have to be careful to keep up my sodium and the liquids.

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