Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fires and the weather

I have not done much for the last few days. The fires in Victoria have obsessed us all. I don't usually watch the TV through the day but I can't seem to resist. Part of that is sympathy and part is relief that we did not have the same thing here. I look at the areas burned and it is so similar to where I live.
My heart goes out to those suffering in Victoria.

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fANNdangles said...

hi peta
i am new to this in fact only a few minutes old & you are my first practice blog for comments.
I must tell you you share your birthday with my grandaughter lana. feb. 9th. 11years old. she has the same creative spirit & always has some project on the go.
we also had Asian food for her birthday tea....yumm....her choise.
I love your blogs I can identify & have almost mastered the art of saying no.
really hope the painting day works out.

one of my favourite sayings is....

if life dishes you out lemons....make lemonade

cheers ann r.