Monday, March 11, 2013

Another Good Day to Dye

It was another hot hot hot day here in Southern Oz. Husband and I went out for breakfast and then home to put the studio to rights before I head into a marathon of book making for the exhibition I am having at the Leafy Sea Dragon Festival with Emanda Fretwell you can check out Re-Booked here.
Before that though there is our annual Easter Mix It Up - A collective of artists selling our work at the Yankalilla Show Ground little hall. It's never to early to stock up for Christmas. I have done skirts, fishermans pants and shirts both button up and t's again. They are so popular every year.

All I have to do now is iron and lable them.
The bigblack piece of fabric is for another exhibition later in the year. More info to come.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Good Day to DYE

I have a whole collection of garbage  bags on the back lawn out of sight of the neighbours and people passing by.

Let me reassure you I haven't done anything illegal.

It's a good day to dye here in South Oz. High temperatures and, when I started out this morning, hardly any wind. Of course when I went and got everything out I didn't have any Urea and couldn't remember where I'd got the last lot from. A quick whiz through the Web and I had to go to the garden centre.
I then raced through the supermarket looking like a refugee from Walmart, OK not that bad but I was wearing an old pair of gym knee length shorts, a tank and my birkenstocks. None of those Walmartians wear birkenstocks so I am still a step above them Thank God.
So quick restock on rubber gloves, garbage bags, toilet paper and an eggplant to go in the curry tonight and I was off home without anyone recognizing me (I hope). I did wonder what the young man who served me thought cause he didn't ask me did I have any plans for today and our local supermarket makes all the checkout people ask that. I often want to say "Mind your Own Business" but my daughter works there and I didn't want to upset anyone more than my poor choice of clothing already had.
So back home groceries away and all set to dye. Big piece of plastic over the  folding table on the back verandah and of course the wind came up and I had to find some heavy stuff to stop every thing blowing away.
Now I have all those bags of stuff dyeing happily in the heat. I'll be doing the wash out tomorrow and I'll take another photo then to share with you. It's all stuff for Mix It Up Media and Art Show at Yankalilla at Easter.