Monday, October 27, 2008

India Flint

Here is the blog of India Flint. My textile friend Sandy of the Twisted Stitchers Group went to Geelong Fibre Forum and did a workshop with her. I am a long time admirer of this Lady's work.
Mum proudly brought me back India's felt book from Canada, which I had been coveting for a while and was a great gift to receive. I didn't have the heart to tell her that India Flint lives about 20 minutes from me. I love all her books (India's) they reinforce the need to tread lightly on this Earth It's all we've got.
What a shame the big countries such as the USA, India and Russia to name a few and not the only culprits don't put as much money into saving this planet as they do in trying to get off it. My theory is that there is intelligent life in the universe and we don't qualify. This intelligent life is keeping us Earth bound. why would they let us get out there and muck up a whole universe when we can't look after this planet and it's inhabitants. Shame on us and Shame on the space seekers.

Today 27th October

Well what a busy day I've had.
I had a lovely weekend away at Adare Conference Center at Victor Harbour. We have decided to do it again next year. With the emphasis on painting but we did decided to open it up to anyone who would like to join us. So I shall start to spread the word to the other groups I am in in case they would like to have a weekend away too. The food was fantastic, the scenery incredible, the hot water didn't run out and the venue was great. The staff were so great, nothing was too much trouble. I was practically comatose from an overdose of wonderful food and good company.
Today I got interviewed by the local paper as a local artist for the upcoming Craft and Quilt fair. I had a lovely two hours here at home with the reporter and she took photos. I was able to get in some advertising for all the groups I am in which is a bonus. I was also able to dribble on about my love of Textiles in Art which is my favorite thing. In addition to that I have painted the miniature paper mache dress makers dummy I bought. I have joined the Adelaide Hills Doll Guild. They are re-introducing the Doll Extravaganza under a different name. Anyway the mannequin thingy is for that. I still have to make a hoop skirt thingy for it. There will be photos as the work progresses. I also plan to sit tonight and finish the dress for my doll. I didn't end up working on her on the weekend.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I am going away for the weekend with my painting group. I was a bit concerned the flu would keep me home but I am recovering. We are off to lovely Victor Harbour. I am going to veg out and relax. I have another 12 flower faces to do and I am going to work on Titania's night clothes.I've decided to return to my original plan for Titania's outfit. So I sewed up her outfit yesterday and put it through my smocking pleater. I have pulled it up to fit and just need to sew it now. this won't take long but then the decorating begins and that will take a bit of work.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hyper LInks

I am still having trouble with hyperlinks. so this is an experiment. I am going to Fibre Forum in Ballarat this is the link
Fibre Forum

Success at last I am not sure why I was not succeeding but got the notes off
Stitchin Fingers

New Doll

It's a while since I added a photo of Titania. Yes she is still naked. I am going to work on her dress next but I couldn't get into the studio without nearly falling on my butt. So some serious cleaning up has taken place. I had it firmly in mind what to do with her costume but I have changed my mind. So this afternoon will be devoted to dressing her. She is going to lay on a bank cause she is Titania sleeping. The bank is still not going well but it will work out in the end.
Matt is home from East Timor and house hunting with Troy.
When he moves out we are taking the single bed from the library and putting it into his room. We'll put up more book shelves then and yay unpack the rest of our magazines and books.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brain Storm

I had a brain storm. I have got Titania together. I have painted the fabric for her dress. I need to make a bank for her too lay on. So I cut up a cardboard box, got a can of the spray foam stuff plumbers use and thought I can spray it and then mold it around the doll. the can says there is 9 - 12 liters of foam stuff. I followed the directions. Screwed on the nozzle thingy. Pushed the trigger and the wretched stuff came out of everywhere but where it should have.
The Studio Assistant(Husband) and I had already had words over how to do this. So I had to go and ask him too help. Well he had no more luck than me. So now I have this pathetic little pile of something that resembles white dog droppings. So the brain storm was a fizzer.
Now I am planning some creative sculpting with wadding and stuffing and fabric. There will be lots of glue and possibly a huge mess. I had managed to cover the kitchen table with my creative efforts and was going to clean up but The Studio Assistant who is becoming as creative(untidy) as me said don't bother and got the trestle table out of the shed for me. So now I have two tables going. Must get organised. I should have called my blog that.