Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well, here it is a rainy miserable Saturday. I was toying with the idea of going to a Radical Craft Afternoon in Adelaide but I am still getting over my flu and it is cold and windy outside so I am sitting in the back room watching it rain which is a rare thing here in Adelaide. I have my laptop a pot of chai(no milk as I have given up dairy well 95% given it up as I am still having cheese and yogurt a bit).
The diet is going well. I have finished with the injections and although my weight has gone up a little I am still down 13 kilos. I have to have a 6 week break and then I am going to do it again I want to loose another 8 that will get me down to the top of the ideal weight range but I think those weight range things are done by anorexic midgets who think everybody should be a walking skeleton.
I have got the scumbled jacket together and I just have the front bands to finish which is a sit in front of the telly and do as it like a blanket and actually toasty warm. I went through my stash of yarns and pulled out all the purples/burgundys/blacks and threw them in a box I think a vest will be just the thing for those. I have a mauve jumper of my mothers that I felted and that will probably go in the mix too. I want a long vest but not sure on the actual design as yet. A crochet hook and a couple of balls of wool fit really well into my work bag though for night shifts and the jacket is too big to take to work now.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Food wonderful food

I am eating carefully while dieting but there is life after this diet. I have been cruising through the links from Elana's Pantry and here are a few of the ones that appeal to my sweet tooth
White on Rice
Chocolate and Zucchini Check out the yogurt cake an the Rapberry Dacquoise Entremets
Tea and Cookies

Gluten free cooking and an uncooperative jumper

I have learned so much this week. Including if you try to sew a sleeve on a jumper you may just end up sewing it to the front and then getting it in the right place but inside out, third time really is the charm. Just have One cuff and the bands and it will be finished. I might add a bit onto the front though as I made it longer and now it looks a bit strange.

I have had a full on week. working away from home and having to look after myself is not my favorite way to live but alright for a change of pace. Definitely has been a good thing while on my diet. I only buy what I can eat and Greg is eating up all the food I am giving up while I am away. I still buy him things he likes and I can't eat.

I have a long term interest in Coeliac cookery as for some time we thought No2 son was coeliac but a biopsy confirmed he wasn't however too much wheat is not good for any one so I have kept up my interest. I found this link through one of the facebook groups I belong to. Elana's Pantry is a goldmine of gluten free recipes and info. Including cakes you would think have flour and sugar in each and every crumb.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What am I up too.

Just to prove I am not obsessed with only my diet (OK I am)It is going really well 7.5 kilos in 16 days. I am aiming for 15 kilos so yay half way there.
I am spending some time in lovely Mount Gambier. It rains here a lot. I am here for work and I am going home on my days off so I haven't had a lot of crafting time.
I really miss Greg not just because I have to take care of myself and this takes up a lot time. I have brought a few projects with me and not done anything on any of them. Today I am starting work at Midday so I got the scumbling out and I am going to stop reading and vegging out and get back to textile work. Here is the jacket so far. Front and back is one piece and then the sleeves which I don't think I have made big enough so I am going to tack them together and see if I have screwed up there. I used the measurements from Crochet Couture by Lily Chin for the Haiko Jacket. I think considering how loose my clothes are getting it will be fine in a few more weeks.