Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was feeling like I had not accomplished much today but then again...
Started off by getting up late. Today is my first day off work for over a week so getting up at the late hour of 8 o'clock is a luxury. Had breakfast with Greg another rarity, then we decided to take the camera and drive through the hills for some photos for inspiration for our art class. So 130 photos later we got home. Above are just a few I took.
A friend gave us a big bucket of dark red plums so Greg bottled most of them last night. Four of the 30 bottles didn't seal properly so I made them into jam. While digging through the bottles in the bottom of the pantry I discovered 4 jars of Sun Dried Tomato and Balsamic Vinegar Chutney I made a couple of years ago and two old jars of quince paste which are probably older. I used to make jam and chutney and sell through the local Fruit and Veg Shop before they closed down (Thanks to the Chain stores). So the jam started off as plum and then I found a bag of dried blackberries and raspberries I bought a few weeks ago. So I threw in a couple of handfuls of those and a half a bag of frozen berries and then just before the sugar I threw in the quince paste. Well quinces are full of pectin and this jam set like a dream. It tastes amazing and it is the most glorious dark purple colour. As it is just for Greg and me and the kids when they find it and take it home, I cut back on the sugar.
I also did some housework but not much cause I'd hate Greg to think I am going to make a habit of that. As we all know the only place housework comes before sewing is in the dictionary.
I dropped some patterns off to a doll friend in Hahndorf and then went grocery shopping and came home and cooked tea.
I am a bit stunned. I have been taking the Acai berry supplement since Saturday and although I have a sore throat and a runny nose I have heaps of energy. I have also lost nearly two kilos. The Acai Berry stuff is supposed to taste like berries and chocolate and it does if you took all the sugar out of berries and chocolate. All in All not too bad though.

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