Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hot Stuff

It is still hot here. We are being promised a cool change but apart from a bit of coolness in the breeze it is still fairly warm. We are going out for dinner tonight. It is my birthday on Monday and the kids may not all be able to make it up to Nairne on Monday through the day. I am working at night usually I take my birthday off but it is my first night of a short contract for the job I have applied for so I think it would not look good to not turn up. So tonight we are going to Adelaide to Hawkers Corner. My wonderful friend Teena gave me a gift certificate for my birthday.
Matt (No 1 Son) rang a little while a go to see if I have India Flints dying book and I said No but what a great present for my birthday. To which he replied that he was looking at it for himself. So I will borrow it.
Must go and get ready for my night out.

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