Thursday, February 12, 2009

Textile Art Ephemera (Otherwise known as Stuff)

Susannah Oroyan has the Rule of Stuff

You can never have too much stuff
The stuff you have is never as good as the other guys stuff
The stuff you have is probably too good to use on the doll anyway,
better save it
Any stuff you need is always too expensive
Your stuff is never where you thought it was
Stuff multiplies expotentiallly on its own
Stuff cannot resist gravity. it prefers being in npiles on the floor
Stuff mutates, the stuff you thought you had is not the stuff you do have
The natural state of stuff is chaos, don't even try to organize it in plastic boxes
Stuff stored in closets will always fall on your head
If you see good stuff,better buy it because you will never find it again....... .always buy twice as much stuff as you might need
Really good stuff is irresistible to cats
Copyright 1997 Susannah Oroyan

How true. I have an extensive collection of Stuff. I inherited the compulsion to collect. My parents have it and my maternal grandmother certainly had it. I think we all have a bit of a Bowerbird (Australian bird that collects stuff to decorate it's nest) habit in us.
I read in a book on lace making that ladies in England when the threat of the second world war was looming made sure that they had enough of their lace supplies on hand to last for several years.
I have enough Textile Art Ephemera on hand to last for a really big war.
I think, though, that one of my guilds or groups is bound to ask for donations for the people in Victoria who have lost everything so I think I shall go through some of my stuff and cull it. It is all really good stuff and someone over there will appreciate it. I don't need 2 or 3 pair of just about every size of knitting needle there is. I have a lot of quilt and other fabric I will probably never use. I did cull through it for the Port Lincoln fire victims and I think I will do it again.


Ani said...

OH how I can relate to STUFF! It indeed multiplies! I think the dolls bring in more stuff when I'm sleeping. heehee. Best, Ani

Carolina Gonzalez said...

hahaha this is SO true! I'm copying the list and hanging it somewhere in my studio - it is comforting to know I'm not the only one :D!!! Thank you for creating my first laugh today.