Friday, May 21, 2010


We are still having fun... Very important for a holiday. I have a bit of a theme going now with photos with clouds. So here is another one. This is yesterday morning just after sunrise at Diamond Island Resort at Bicheno.

Yesterday we went on the Wineglass Bay Cruise. These are Shags on a Rock.

The most important member of the crew was Rastus the dog.

He got a bit upset when he wasn't allowed to sit on Greg's lap. So he had to settle for getting as close as he could every chance he got.

For a little while I thought we might have to bring him home with us but he was fickle and chose to stay with the boat.

Last night we went on the ghost tour at Port Arthur. The Parsonage is the second most haunted house in Australia. I believe it too. I went into the front room with everybody else but there was no way I would have gone in there alone and I wouldn't have gone into any of the other rooms. I felt like there was someone right behind me. We also went into the Separate Prison which was the solitary confinement area. That wasn't too bad until I distinctly heard a door shut and no one else heard it. We sat down in there and I kept turning around because I could feel someone looking at me and there wasn't anybody there... Yes definitely creepy and great fun.
Today we went back to Port Arthur, we went on a cruise around the harbour. Isle of the Dead and Point Puer. I took 262 photos but I shall not be showing them all to you right now.
We drove over to Hobart after Port Arthur for 3 nights. Tomorrow to the Salamanca Markets for some serious shopping. Caitlin told me that we need to buy holiday presents for everybody. Four years old and already it is all about presents that's my girl.

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Sounds like a great trip!