Friday, May 28, 2010

Hamilton - Curringa Farm Cottages

We are at Hamilton for 3 nights. Google was not our friend in our trip from Launceston to Hamilton. Google recommended we turn right just past Ross and take the Interlaken Bothwell Road. This turned out to be over 50 km's of dirt tracks that had been laid out by people chasing a goat up hill and down. But we arrived safely (there were a few close calls but oh well). Here's a photo of the outside of our Cottage overlooking Meadowlark Lake and the view from the verandah.

We went back to Russell Falls today, here we are at the Falls.

The temperate rain forest receives 3000 to 4000 mm of rain a year the swamp gums are huge and it was green and wet.

It was raining when we got there but the rain stopped and we had a lovely walk (2 hours) through the rain forest. It was much warmer than the other day. We have been to the Salmon Ponds as well and saw salmon and lots of different types of trout. Very interesting. Tomorrow we are having an easy day no driving around just relaxing.

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