Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cradle Mountain and Launceston

We started our day at Cradle Mountain. Beautiful, we have my cousin with us so we didn't do any of the long walks. We are going to save that for another time. We went on from there to Sheffield and stopped at a little wood shop on the side of the road. Greg as you can see was like a little kid in a lolly shop I thought I was going to be sitting on wood but I reminded him we still have to go to Huonville. From Sheffield we drove to Deloraine and stopped to see the four beautiful textile murals they have there. Just incredible. Then on to Launceston. We are in Paterson St at another great apartment. There is a needlework shop just around the corner and a really nice looking jumper shop right next door with a wool shop just across the road. Tommorrow I will shop. I didn't get enough of the variegated wool and so I think I might buy some black wool felt and use that with it. Somehow, I have a plan. I just need some black wool felt or fabric and a crochet hook.
Lauren is flying home tomorrow and Greg and I are off to Curringa Farm Cottages for 3 nights then the Huon valley for one night and then back to Devonport to the ferry. We had hoped to catch up with another friend Susie but couldn't get in touch with her. Oh well next time. We are already thinking we will be back next year, November for the Deloraine Craft Fair has been discussed.


Lorell Lehman said...

Your trip looks so amazing Peta! I am so jealous....I hate being stuck in Strath in the winter! Hope it continues to be wonderful for you! xo

Jules said...

I am really enjoying following your trip - I knew nothing about Tasmania before - it's not like I imagined at all!