Sunday, May 9, 2010


I get together once a month with some friends and we do lots of talking and a bit of stitching. I am the doll maker of the group. Some of the others have made a doll in the past and after they saw my Lady Dances with Dragonflies and saw Ray Slaters book they decided they all needed the book and that they would like to make a doll. So I made some faces out of paper clay for them and we did the faces 'A La Susie McMahon' Here are the final results - Well Sandy's belly dancer is still a WIP but she will be done. I have started another doll as well that isn't finished yet. Work and Study keep getting in the way.
We are also leaving soon on the Tasmania Trip and the final plans are being finalised. Not long to go yay for holidays

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Jules said...

These are lovely Peta. Hope you have a great trip.