Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunset at Strahan

We've had another great day, I can't tell you any bad holiday stories in Tasmania yet...Hopefully never.
We left our lovely apartment in Hobart and headed for Russell Falls. When we arrived it was freezing Literally. We were going to walk to the Falls and the staff at the Visitor Centre said they weren't running as they were frozen. We changed our minds.
My eyes are shut so they don't freeze.

We had to stop at Derwent Bridge and see the carved huon pine wall called "The Wall" then lunch at The Hungry Wombat Cafe then down the scariest road in Tasmania and then we saw the only ugly town in Tasmania which is not really it's fault as it is a mining town, Queenstown.

Now we are at Strahan, above is a photo of the sunset complete with clouds.

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Jules said...

Great sunset! I love The Hungry Wombat - now that is a fantastic name!