Monday, May 17, 2010

On the Road

We set off yesterday from Adelaide before dawn. No 1 daughter is house-sitting so we left about 5.30 am.
The sky after dawn was beautiful.

Greg drove yesterday I was cheif navigator. We did have a mystery tour of Williamstown, Newport and the back of the petrol refinery near Altona.... Sounds much nicer than 'bloody lost because the map was in the back of the car and Greg doesn't always know his right from his left'. I was pointing to the right and saying go right here and he went left...
We stayed at a really nice B&B Stephanies
Had dinner last night with Greg's niece and her family.
today Greg's niece took us for a drive around Melbourne and then we had a nice lunch and we are getting ready to go and get on the ferry tonight.
Tasmania here we come.


Bronwyn said...

That is an awesome pic Mum!! You should email that one to the channel 10 photo thingy and they'll out it on the news... I bet dad was happy about having his photo taken...

Jules said...

Fantastic sky! and the B&B looks wonderful. Have a great trip!