Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Knitting etc

I had a lazy day yesterday, I watched a replay of the ice hockey lovely to see the Canadians do so well. Then I watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics in the recliner with my feet up and my knitting. I am knitting the free download pattern Shalom Cardigan from Involving the Senses Blog It is knitting up so quickly I will soon have another item for my finished things. I bought the silk chenille thread and the silk knitting thread from Beautiful Silk at Fibre Forum Ballarat last year so I am being true to my buy less New Years Eve resolution, I confess though I did have to go and buy a circular knitting needle as I didn't have a 9mm and that is what I needed to get the right gauge. So silk from the stash, a free pattern from the net and a minimal expenditure on the whole project.
All the fibres are still in natural colour and I think I will dye them. Either blue or purple or a mix of both. I have only used the plain silk thread in the yoke so I have enough left to do some crocheted buttons I know I have the instructions somewhere for some really special ones that I found in a Piece work magazine at the Embroiderers Guild. Once dyed they will really suit the vest.
Some days you just have to take a me day and not do the things you think you should just do the things you want too.
The weather is being a bit kinder and those evil sadistic sods at the Weather office have promised us rain tomorrow while they sit there and laugh and say "Suckers".

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