Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inspiration gets you no where

Inspiration gets you no where.
Words to live by. I have been making excuses for my artistic inactivity. Including I am uninspired, I am too busy and blah blah blah you know the song only the words are different.
I have been busy new car to organize which I have by the way and it is very pretty and nice and solid. Homework for the training course I am doing at work, getting organised for Fiber Forum in Ballarat.... all the life things. I've just got home from taking youngest son to an eye specialist we had hoped would put him on a blind allowance there was good news and bad news... He agreed Troy should be getting a blind disability allowance due to his vision, color blindness, dyslexia and the rest but the sod (not the word going through my mind but I am trying not to use really filthy language out loud) wants Troy to see another specialist a neuro-psychologist I didn't even know there was such an animal so here we go again... Back to the GP then off to another specialist we will probably have to wait months to get into. Good thing it isn't life threatening. This is on top of the psychologist he is already seeing that our GP recommended who wants to do an astrology chart for him to help with his diagnosis.

So back to 'Inspiration gets you no where', while I was checking out my favorite blogs I saw that doll sculptor extraordinaire is having a bit of a flat week too and has been wildly productive by being inspired by Ursala Vernon of Red Wombat Studio artist and writer so I am sure that is a bit ironic to be inspired by an article entitled Inspiration gets you nowhere. Just the kick in the pants I needed I think.

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Jules said...

Thanks for your kind words Peta. So sorry about al the hassle over Troy's specialists. These people have you over a barrel I hope it doesn't take too long to get seen.... Thanks for the links, really entertaining!