Sunday, March 7, 2010


My natural state of being is UNORGANIZED yes in capitals with several exclamation marks following.!!!!!!. There they are.
So as I have a life where I want to do things and not forget important bits I have lists and I have boxes of bits and pieces.. Usually I can't remember what is in the box. Greg bought me a labeller for my birthday which is a beautiful thing. I am going to use it heaps soon. I have a bit of time off coming up and I shall use it a lot then.
I made the chutney and have already given away two bottles.

Yesterday, I did an exhibition crawl with a friend. We started off our day at Borders for as my friend had never been there so we did a lazy crawl through the shop and had coffee, then onto Karma Sukka this is a clothing shop in Adelaide - They have fair trade clothing mostly india style and one of our belly dancing class mates has a lovely wrap around silk skirt from there and so we needed one too. The skirts are two layers of silk so you can reverse them and tie them in all sorts of ways.
Then we went on to the Embroiderers Guild Exhibition and then onto the Spinners and Weavers for there exhibition and then onto the Basketmakers. I bought a bowl and a book. I realised as soon as I got home it was just the place for my Penny the Pygmy Possum to live. Just because she in needlefelted doesn't mean she can't have a fun place to live.

But Now the rest of my day is calling I want to get the newsletter for my Doll Group done and then I have to go shopping as I spent yesterday having fun.

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