Thursday, March 18, 2010

A week ago

Well here it is a week already. This time last week I was still a bit shell shocked and looking at wreckage of my poor little car. In hindsight if I was going to be in a car accident it couldn't have happened at a better time. I had a week off work coming up, that has given me time to find a new car and make a really good start on the paperwork required. I still have some bruises and a slight burn in my shoulder. I went to my chiropractor yesterday and the burn is from the accident. The force of the seatbelt grabbing has ripped a lot of the scar tissue that formed in 1999 when I was injured at work. Dislocated AC joint and fractured elbow. Because of the elbow I was in a cast and sling for some time and my shoulder didn't heal properly. So as a result of the car accident I now have more movement and rotation in my shoulder than I have had for years.
So I am counting my blessings.
A new car, more movement in my shoulder without the surgery and no injuries, wow who could hold a grudge with those results. So I forgive the dope who ran into me. I won't forget but I do forgive.