Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shalom Cardigan or The Caterpillar Vomit Vest

There is now a bit of a story attached to this vest. I used a free pattern from Involving the Senses the pattern is the Shalom Cardigan available in the side bar of the blog page. I finished it in a marathon session on Sunday night after I returned from baby sitting. I still have to put the button on.
I decided not to use a crocheted one as Greg has offered to make a wooden one for me. So I just have to decide how I want it made. I was knitting the vest while I was babysitting the granddaughters. They of course wanted to know all the details. They agreed it was very soft as you would expect of silk mulberry chenille if you follow the link it is No 16 on the page knitted double with a strand of thread No 9 on the same page in Beautiful Silks website which is mulberry lustre plain. Miss 2 nearly 3 wanted to know what it was and I answered "Silk". Miss 4 wanted to know where it comes from and I said caterpillars make it. "How" was the immeadiate question. "They make a cocoon and then after they are butterflies then people get the cocoons and make the thread"
"How does a caterpillar make it" Miss 4 wanted to know.
"He spits stuff out of his mouth" - Yes I was being a bit vague with the details but they are only little.
Miss nearly 3 then assured me that spit didn't look like that and offered to show me some which I declined.
Miss 4 then said "Maybe it's caterpillar vomit"
Miss nearly 3 then said "Yes cause if you drink milk then vomit it's that colour"
To which I said "It's not vomit its stuff"
Miss 4 then quite seriously asked "Are you being tricky Nannie?"
"No" I replied it is stuff from a caterpillar.
Miss nearly 3 then assured me she didn't want a jumper made of caterpillar vomit because that was Yuck.. Miss 4 agreed and said how come it wasn't wet? So I did what any good grandparent would do and said "Why don't we watch a movie you choose" and then they were arguing about which movie and forgot about the Caterpillar vomit vest.
I am still undecided about dying the vest as I am growing quite fond of the natural colour, but after all the talk of caterpillar vomit I might have too.

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Jules said...

Those little girls are going to go far, no flies on them!
Sorry about your work, typical -that guy is probably great at saying how good a job he does- while you just get on and do it really well.

Have the chocolate! x