Friday, January 1, 2010

A new day in a new year

Well here we are 2010. I spent last night in a strange way, a different way I realized about 00.30 hours during an ad break while I was watching the end of Lord of The Rings. Doing something I have never done before.
I spent the whole night alone in my house. I have never done that before. In fact I have never spent a whole night alone anywhere that I can remember. Here I am 47 nearly 48 years old and I have finally done it. I went straight from home to marriage and as the last of our chicks only flew the nest 12 months ago it was something I have never had the opportunity to do.
We rarely go anywhere on New Years Eve unless we can walk. Daughter and SIL went to a party and we are the designated baby-sitters on NYE. So Husband decided that the two whirlwinds could sleep in their own beds and Darling daughter said she'd get a cab home and we would come home then. I however have a dicky ankle and I ended up going to the doctor yesterday to get it checked as it was bruised and sore.
The heat and having a dicky ankle was the prognosis so Greg said he would babysit alone and I stayed at home to rest said Dicky ankle. I didn't really expect him home and he didn't think he would be home early either.
I did spend my NYE laying out a scarf for felting which would make it a work in progress as I didn't finish it last year. I finished it this year. I am stretching things I know but it puts me off to a great start for the finishing things challenge for 2010.
The first photo is the scarf without wool.
Second photo is with a very thin layer of white wool tops and then a roving blend I had in the stash, it is wool, alpaca and silk combined. I spread it out as you do for cobweb felt so two fine layers at right angles over the silk scarf I got from Unique Stitching. The white roving came from The Thread Studio and the blend came from I don't know where but I think I picked it up at the Spinners and Weavers Guild Shop in Adelaide.
Other photos are of the finished piece and the wools used and the detail of the scarf looking at the fabric side and then at the wool side. I deliberately left about an inch free of wool at the edge so the sides of the scarf were visible. Yay for me a project finished. Now I have to finish something I have already started.

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