Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It is raining outside. The sound is lovely on our metal roof. For some reason I have been really missing the sound, smell and sight of rain. I do live in the driest state in our beautiful Oz and we don't see much rain but I do miss it.
I am homesick for somewhere else and hope this is a phase I am going through. My Aquarian feet are definitely itchy though. Greg is a Leo and happiest where ever he is.
Australia Day (January 26) was also our wedding anniversary 30 years. I got Greg a couple of his favorite magazines and he as nearly always got me nothing. The only years he has bought me something for our anniversary are the years I haven't bought him anything.
He would have to be one of the worst gift buyers in the universe so it is probably not a bad thing. Still we did go out for a very nice lunch and I am going on two holidays this year. He also picked up and paid for 8 meters of habotai silk last week that I had ordered for Fiber Forum and he makes up for his crappy gift buying in a lot of other ways. I do say "He Loves me...He Must" as I know I am not the easiest person to live with but then neither is he so we are perfectly matched.
I have decided to start belly dancing classes next week. It is something I have considered doing for some time and as luck/fate would have it there is a class just down the road. I need to get out and mix with women more. I spend most of my working life with mostly men and that is something else I am sick of. I am nearly finished my felt jacket and will have it done tonight. A photo tomorrow I promise.


Sarah said...

I knew there was something about you I liked so much when you popped by my blog!! We are married to the same man..LOL. My Jim just sucks at the gift giving thing! After 12 years of being bent with him..I just started buying my own treats. Now for some reason he feels the need to buy gifts..go figure!
Whoot belly dancing..I have started doing that too!! I used to dance years ago..but well lets just hips could use the excercise now!! Have fun with the class!!
Thank you for popping in to my Keepers book:) It is a new project for me. Challenging myself a bit.
Wonderful to meet you!!
Namaste, Sarah

Jules said...

Congratulations on your anniversary Peta! I think the gift stuff is a man thing....
Good luck with the belly dancing it's great fun, can't find a class here sadly (and I really need to do some exercise!