Thursday, January 28, 2010

Felt Jacket

Ahh, I am sighing in relief. Another project finished. I am embarrassed to admit it took me about half an hour. I started the jacket in a Body Wrap workshop with Catherine O'Leary at last years Fibre Forum at Ballarat. I had taken a large amount of supplies with me and then saw the wool pre-felt and matching silk already dyed that beautiful blue/green and the plans I had went out the window, the colours were calling me, and I had to have it.
Before felting the greens were the dominant colour. With all the rolling washing etc the blues became the dominant colour. I also bought the buttons there. About the only thing I did use that I already had were some of the fabrics for the leaves, the white wool and the silk ribbon.
The photo below is of the detail on the front.

I took off a big wooden button that was on the front. Bigger than those you can see on the sides. I had thought that I was so careful in the placement but when I put it on it looked like a big wooden nipple and that would never do.
I replaced it with a large press stud and it holds the front closed nicely. The next photo is of the back. I added the colored pieces of fabric to the top of the wool, I wanted the jacket to look like a forest.
The last photo is of the neck on the back. I stitched and tucked the chiffon around pieces of the leaf fabric and then stitched on the silk ribbon. The green leaf was added after all the felting was done. There are more on the front but they don't show up well in the photos.

I still have lots of projects underway, time to finish another.


Jules said...

This is fabulous Peta!

lindacreates said...

Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for commenting on the unfinished projects in Fiber Focus. Linda