Sunday, January 24, 2010

Newsletters, quilts and washing machines.

Well, the new washing machine is home installed and used it makes lots of beeping noises and has lots of options long and short washes, rinses and if I want it too it will just drain and spin which was always a bit of a pain with the old one to find the right spot on the dial. But it served us well for 20 years.
Chrissie Day of Felting, Stitching and Embellishing
told me that the top loader is better for felting and she would know. I haven't fulled/felted much in the old machine as I usually take the pieces down to the laundromat and use their hot water and fluff up their machines and I use the big front loader and it works a treat.
We did the shopping trip for the washing machine the long way had breakfast at Yankalilla and went to a couple of galleries and then came home via the city, had lunch out and bought the machine and came home.
I also finished off the doll club newsletter and they are emailed and Greg helped me put the snail mail in the envelopes and make them post-ready to drop in the mail box tomorrow on my way to work.
Yesterday I finished machine quilting the squares for my granddaughters quilt that my friend Prue did the applique for. Prue is going to put the thing together for me. Just have to get the border fabrics tomorrow. I want it together for Easter. Jessica's is finished and Caitlin's is nearly there.
So I had a busy weekend and back to work tomorrow. But I shall buy some fabric which is always fun.