Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Postcards etc

Today is another day of beautiful weather, cool drizzly rain and a lovely overcast sky the temperature is 19 C. I have had a productive day. Booked the accommodation for our Tasmania holiday. Took care of the shopping and tonight I am going out for dinner with NO1 and No 2 Son and favourite DIL and then we are going to see Avenue Q - the adult muppet show. So I am going to do some tidying up and then audition some threads for the hat. Then it is off to Adelaide.
I was showing a friend what Lutrador is yesterday and found these two postcards I made a couple of years ago. they don't have any lutrador on them but they were in the folder.
This first one is made with silk paper butterfly and leaves. I vliesofixed the silk paper to material then machine stitched, cut out and appliqued to the fabric backing. The yellow flowers are machined as well. I learnt the techniques in an Eileen Campbell workshop.

The other is one I made for last years Christmas Challenge for the SA Embroiderers Guild which was for a postcard. This is the view from my sunroom window. This is a mixture of silk paper, fabrics, hand and machine embroidery.

This is the photo I used for inspiration.

I do enjoy these small projects it is so satisfying to finish something.


Jules said...

I love the butterfly! Have a great evening out!

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh my these are stunning!! Wow!! Thanks for popping by my blogs:) Sarah