Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I have decided that I need to set myself some goals. I am easily distracted and I do work best to a deadline.
So I need to list out the things I am going to do, must do, want to do.

Things I am going to do

- Fibre Forum in Ballarat where I am going to do a Shibori class. I have everything I need for this except for 3 meters of light weight silk I can get that there from Marion of Beautiful Silk.

- Tasmania Holiday. All booked and just have to pay the deposits. We are definitely doing this.

Things I should/must Do
- Spend less on supplies and use more of what I already have.

Things I want to do
- Finish the doll I sculpted with Susie McMahon, all she needs is the rest of her clothing and shoes.
- I want to finish more than I start. This year I tried to finish one WIP for each new thing I started. That went pretty well most of the year. To Keep track of this I am going to put a column on my blog with things finished and WIP's finished.

Hope you all have a great New Year. E-Talk to you Next Year.