Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day. The indigenous Aussies call it Invasion Day and who can blame them. I can trace my ancestors back to the First Fleet. In fact my great however many grandmother was the first free baby born in the Colony. Her parents were the Captain of the Marines sent out to keep the convicts in line and his wife. I am sure he was chosen for this because he was a proper sod. Family history which may or may not be true states that he was granted a land holding on what is now George Street in Sydney and sold it for beer money as he was an alcoholic. I don't know if that is true but it makes a good story.
Today is also my wedding anniversary, 29 years and they said it would never last. We gave some thought to our married life today when we went out for lunch.
Three children, 2 grandchildren. 20 moves over Three states and still counting as we are getting itchy feet here. Admittedly there have been some close calls but all in all it has been mostly great.
We spent the rest of the day doing what we like best. Greg painted the side of the house in the morning and I dyed some fabric and a shirt for a friend. We went to our favorite Italian restaurant in Hahndorf for lunch. I had a very nice glass of wine which I can't remember the name of but it was very yummy and I could have drunk it like lemonade. But Greg didn't take his license so I had to drive home. Just as well. We had dessert at the Chocolate Cafe in Hahndorf we have been meaning to go there for ages as Greg did most of the renovations that turned it from a dump to a house. Greg was happy to see that the new owners have not pulled out all the work he did. In fact he told them he had done the work and they asked him to do some more.
I spent the afternoon cleaning up in my studio and Greg watched the tennis on TV. It has been really hot here today. Perfect for dying. I follow India Flints blog so on of the pieces of fabric I soaked in my soda ash/urea/salt solution and then threw it out on the dead grass which used to be our back lawn and then threw grass, leaves, bark and pulled up weeds including dirt all over it and rolled it up and put into a black garbage bag and it is stewing away out in the sun. I have turned all the packages over a few times today and they are nearly to hot to pick up. Should be nicely stewed by the time I get to them tomorrow night. It is going to be about 40 degrees Celsius here tomorrow so it should be perfect.
I have counted my blessings and I am much happier with my world I am a lucky person.
I have nearly finished cleaning up my mess in my studio and then I will make the wire wrapped doll.

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