Sunday, January 25, 2009

A List

As I mentioned last blog I like lists.
I decided that after making a list of the things I don't want to do anymore I will make a list of the things I do want to do. This is a positive thing and I have been a bit blue and feeling sorry for myself lately.
I will blog more. I like to blog. I will get involved with the things I like to do and stay off committees. I have refused two invitations to go on committees. A good start.
I will make a wired doll for the DDU yahoo group challenge.
I will make a stump doll.
I will make a Baby Becky from Rivkah's yahoo group pattern.
I will finish Caitlins quilt.
I will not feel pressured to do anything.
I will practice saying No and stick to it.
I told one of the group committees that I am on that I would not be continuing in my role with them and got a Oh well whatever we'll get someone else to do it. This was a good thing as I probably would have faltered if they had gone into the wow is me what will we do.
So yes I will blog. I am going to Fibre Forum soon and must get organised for that.
Happy days are coming my way.

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