Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We have dispatched the last of the goldfish to the great ocean in the sky. Aquarium fish every where are bubbling in relief. I was going to say sigh but I don't think fish sigh. We are going to turn the tank into a terrarium. We stopped at the plant nursery near us for some advice and the ditsy shop assistant knew less than us so I have researched and we are ready for a new adventure in killing plants rather than fish.
I am making some summer tops for Caitlin and Jessica and had a bit of a boo boo so I decided to leave it for a little while.
It is a beautiful day here so I did the horrible housework stuff and traipsed off to the laundromat and washed the winter bedding before it goes in the cupboard for the summer. It is all drying on the line at the moment.
We really need some rain although the weather man says this is the wettest December for years it is still brown and dead around us. We are watering the veggies and the fruit trees but everything else is on it's own.

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