Monday, December 15, 2008

Vintage Dolls

Vintage dolls are my new interest. I slipped off to Adelaide today to have a look at a vintage doll. He is an interesting boy. He has a paper maiche head. His body is cloth, his legs are cotton, his body and arms seem to be of a fairly loose muslin type fabric and he has a silky fabric underwear type garment sewn on. He has plaster of paris type hands. Which are fairly badly damaged. He is wearing leather boots.
She has a paper miache head. cloth body stuffed with sawdust I think. She has Poland stamped on her leg. any clues to age etc gratefully received.
I have to finish the challenge piece for one of my groups for tomorrow night. I am working on a smocked dress for my little doll I did with Susie and knitting her a shrug. I am not sure about the colour of the dress so I might make another one if I don't like this one when it is finished.

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