Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Again

What happened? While I wasn't looking a full week went. Part of the week I went to work. Monday, I went to the Embroiderers Guild meeting and then to work. Tuesday Work. Wednesday, ah I have happy memories of Wednesday. I have been trying to get ready for the long awaited Susie McMahon Workshop. I was fairly ready. I made sure everybody else was ready. I toddled off to pick up Susie at the airport. I was thinking I need a Hi Susie sign but didn't get around to that. Firstly I dropped in to see R. and from there just had to walk into the art shop and pick up the paint etc for Susie's workshop. Yes well. it wasn't ready and even though most of it was on the shelf I had to argue with the shop person who insisted it was out of stock. Anyway I had to leave. I was late to the airport but Susie's plane was late anyway so I had to hang around for a few minutes. I saw Susie straight off she was the only one who got off the plane wearing a cloth doll.
The workshop was wonderful. Susie who stayed with us was lovely. The classes were fantastic. I achieved more than I expected and I am so happy with the results. I took advantage of having the teacher at my mercy and made two dolls. the workshop doll and I sculpted one as well. They are both lovely. I took Susie to the art shop. We did the two day workshop at Hetties Patch. On Saturday we went to Strathalbyn and looked through some shops and then went to Lorell Lehman's lovely doll shop Not All Faeries are Beautiful. Today Susie was our guest at The Cloth Doll Club of SA's Christmas meeting. Susie was lovely and we have decided to have her back next year after her book is out.
The top photo is the doll I sculpted with Susie's guidance. The second photo is my version of Moxie. She isn't finished yet, Duh. The little girl in the red dress was a gift to me from Susie. Yay for me I love her. She has pride of place at the moment on the mantel piece her name is Hannah. I must finish my girls. I must clean up my sewing room. I have misplaced a large box of lace and I want it for finishing the dolls. I want to get them done. then I will finish ...... the list is too long I can't decide. Something.

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