Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am getting slack again with the posting. I have been getting an application together for my work. Two years ago I was poisoned by teflon and my doctor told me to destress my self so I stepped down from my job to an easier less stressful job. so now I am feeling better and I have reapplied for the old job. Twenty pages of application later and it is done and submitted. Now I just have to wait too hear how I went. the competition is quite fierce.
I did have some time yesterday to work on the costume for My Doll. I need to name her but I don't think she is inclined as yet to share that with me. Once she has her hair I will have a better idea. I am smocking the plastron for a dress for her based on an 1880's Bru outfit. I smocked a piece of batiste and I am making it up as I go as too the smocking. I took a day off from the smocking today to read the latest book by my favorite author J. D Robb Salvation in Death. It is the 26th book in a murder series. It is set in the future and the main character is a homicide detective. some laughs, romance and sex tied up in a murder mystery thriller type book.


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