Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here it is Tuesday the 9th of December. I am not sure where this whole year went. I am finishing off the legs for the second doll I made with Susie. Her legs were too fat for her body so Susie redrew the legs for me before she went and I sewed them up tonight. They are stuffed and ready too sew on. I am going too make her clothes removable. I have a pattern for some underwear and I am going to at least get her dressed in that. Greg is going to make me a stand tomorrow so she can stand up on the mantel with the other girls. I am going to leave Misty (which is what I have decide my Moxie doll is telling me she is named) sitting down. But the other girl needs to stand up. I am going to get her head on before I go to bed so must go.

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