Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I like Tuesday. It is not Monday. Monday can be depressing if it is the start of my work week. I never want to go to work. Sometimes my weekend starts on a Monday and I like that. My work week lasts for 7 days and then I have 3, 4 or 5 days off. Depending on where I am in my roster.
I have not had time to work on Misty today. She is keeping me company here in the library. I Also have to start on Penelope ( the other doll I sculpted) I at least want to get her in some underwear.
Yesterday Greg moved the spare bed into Matt's old room and the book shelves Matt decided he didn't want into the Library. Except for one set that didn't fit and are still in the spare bedroom. I am going to put all the books and folders I have in my studio in there and then I will have space for the boxes of lace, ribbon etc that are on the floor and all over the place.
We are debating moving the lounge into the library and buying a new one or just buying new cushions for the lounge and Greg restoring the antique cedar day bed we have in the roof of the shed. Greg also moved 20 boxes of books into the library and about the same of magazines. I think I will have a cull. Troy will take all the science fiction I don't want and Bronwyn keeps dumping Op Shop romances on me. So I think I will go through them and then take them to my friend who has a secondhand shop. I have been meaning to go and see her at her shop for ages. Over Christmas will be the time to cull and then I right size in here.

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