Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Diet

I have had several people ask for more details in regard to "The Diet" I am on. It is a bit of a story, anyway. some months ago I went to my Hormone doctor and she had lost a heap of weight. so as I had become in my own opinion FAT I said "WTFudge diet are you on and why am I not on it?". Turns out she was trialling a diet that is very popular in America and Europe. It is called "The HCG Diet" if you google it there is a lot of information on the WWW.
So what happens is you inject yourself with human growth hormone for 43 days. the first three days you pig out majorly and then go on 550 to 800 calories a day. No sugar, no starchy foods and no fat. Definitely no alcohol, chocolate etc. My doctor then gave me a list of web sites to go and get the info from and told me to have a good think about it and come back with questions. Now it is no use thinking I will cheat a little bit as you just can't. But if you stick to it then a woman can loose up to 15 kilo's in the 6 weeks. Once you loose the 15 kilos you stop the injections and if you need to loose more then you wait 6 weeks and then have another round of injections. I have finished the injections and I lost 14 kilos. After the injection phase you go onto phase 3 which is resetting your body clock so you must eat a certain number of calories a day which you work out using a BMI. You can also use that to work out what you should be eating to maintain your current weight and then reduce that amount by a couple of hundred calories a day to loose weight. I worked out that I should be eating 1550 calories a day and there is no way I was eating that much before. But my doctor told me that my old habit of eating less that I needed but a lot of those calories were starchy food and that is one of the reasons I was getting fatter. In fact when we were in Tasmania I warned Greg that i would be eating whatever I damn well wanted as I had decided to go on the diet when we got home and I lost 3 kilos and I was eating more.
After 3 weeks of phase 3 you go onto phase 4 which is for the rest of your life and you slowly reintroduce all foods but with the starchy foods grains potatoes etc you add in one a week and if you start to put weight on then you know that that is a food you should avoid.
Anyway. the injections are with an insulin needle and don't hurt and the hormone and diet stimulate your body to burn its own fat so you son't get ungry if you gorge properly on the three starting days. I don't know how many doctors know about this but it worked really well for me. Hope this is the info you wanted.

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