Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Work in Progress

Another lovely day in South Australia, I am having a few days off before starting on afternoons. Today I babysat for a little while which included taking two year old Jessica to pick up four year old Caitlin at Kindergarten. Today is a half today and tomorrow is a full day and she gets to be a lunch kid which is a great thing apparently judging by how excited Caitlin is about Wednesdays. I then took them to Fruit and Veg shop which was amazingly fun. The two of them had half the shop in hysterics at their various comments and the quite serious bargaining that went on so they could both have their favorite lollies because Jessica really likes jelly beans and so does Poppy I was assured and yes Jessica would even give him the black ones. Caitlin really wanted sugar jellies and "You know Poppy doesn't like sugar Nanny but you do and we can share OK" So being the tough Nanny that I am I got out with two lots of lollies and a My Little Pony juice drink for each of them because Caitlin told me in a very serious voice that you have to drink lots on a hot day because you get sick if you don't and I didn't want them to get sick did I.
The check out lady told them they were getting spoilt today and Jessica assured her that that is what Nanny's do.
By the time I got home Bronwyn was back and we had sausage rolls and sauce for lunch and then chocolate donuts and lollies. They were bouncing off the walls by the time they went home.
But I did manage to get my doll to the painting stage this morning before Jessica arrived.

She is about 30cm's high. Ages ago I bought a cheap plastic face mould and I used that to shape the paper clay then used Susie McMahon's techniques to attach the head to the body. Next I will paint then decorate. She is going to be a sewing caddy for my friend. So I am off to paint.


creativedawn said...

Oooooo, ahhhhhh...nice I think...can't wait to see more!

Sandy Pine said...

Hey Peta,
she looks great. I like that you are using a paperclay mask. ;-) She is going to look fantastic dressed. Can't wait to see her.
Sandy :-)

Jules said...

She looks terrific and I love the idea that she will be a sewing caddy, can't wait to see how you finish her.