Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Slow Cloth

Two Posts in one day wow. Before the painting could begin I was distracted by the blogs I follow. I wound my way from India Flint along a twisting path to InLeaf and Lotta who on her January 29post on Slow Cloth inspired to trek a little more along the path to Ten Qualities of Slow Cloth on Red Thread Studio

Elaine Marie Lipson is the author of the words below and this is just an extract of the whole post so please go and read it in its entirety.

You can have a Slow Cloth sensibility as an individual artist or artisan, and it bears repeating that slow is not meant to be literal -- it's not about how long it takes to finish or whether you're stitching by hand or machine. There are also companies that I think have a Slow Cloth approach even if they are manufacturing clothing or textiles in commercial quantity.

Elaine goes on to say more about the ten points so please go and read her wonderful thoughts.

* Has the possibility of joy in the process.
* Offers the possibility of contemplation in the process.
* Involves skill and has the possibility of mastery.
* Acknowledges the rich diversity and multicultural history of textile art.
* Honors its teachers and lineage.
* Is thoughtful in its use of materials and respects their source.
* Honors quality. We want to make things that last and are well-made.
* Honors beauty. Beauty is a whole complicated subject all its own.
* Supports community. A Slow Cloth company respects all of its labor force; individual art and artists acknowledge their relationship to other textile artists.
* Is expressive of individuals or cultures. Remember the old saying in art circles, "Anonymous was a woman"?

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Quilters Cottage Norfolk said...

I like the idea of taking your slow time to do the wanderings of art sometimes. I think I have two times then, "now" and "the one that takes me the long route".

I can't wait to see your embellished belly dancing belt. Is this on your "now" list or your "long route inspiration"?
Best wishes and always enjoy creating.
Jane C