Sunday, February 21, 2010

A New Doll

I am immersed in a new doll. She is for a dear friend who has recently given me two beautiful books. This doll is an original design. I don't often do my own patterns. I've really only done one. The little girl riding the frog.
I am inspired to do another. All shall be revealed soon.
We were promised rain by the idiots at the Weather Bureau those sadistic sods think it is funny to say oh yes it will rain. I am not sure if it was rain or just a bird peeing on my car from a great height. The Madonna lilies are out though we do call them Naked Ladies here in South Australia. They are a good sign that Autumn is coming. The maple leaves are changing too. winter is around the corner yay. I now have four days off work and I am going to be productive no matter what.

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creativedawn said...

You really crack me up, talking about the weather thoughts exactly! Have a good day!