Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well just a little note. It is my birthday, I did work Midnight until 8 am which is the easy way to go. I had a couple of hours sleep at home and then had lunch with my daughter and granddaughters. Greg bought me a dymo label maker which is something I use a lot at work and never thought to buy myself and it will get a lot of use. We didn't go out for dinner as I have to work tonight too. We had fresh salmon with lemon, dill and sour cream potato salad and then Sara Lees Cheesecake bites for dessert with strawberries. So all in all I had a very nice day. Now I am off to bed for a couple of hours sleep before the last of my run of midnight shifts. I have four days off after tonight and I have plans to finish the dreaded crocheted jacket, draw out the first of the pages for the embroidered concertina book I want to make and start another doll using a paper clay face. I already know what I want to do for her as well. I am in the mood for another Goddess doll.
We are still melting in the Aussie Summer heat and I am really looking forward to Winter.