Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I did one thing from the list today. I went too the gym. Greg suggested that we go and look at the Hans Heysen Exhibition at the SA Art Gallery. Then we went to Stirling and had lunch and did some shopping at the Organic Cafe. Then home and babysat the Gkids for a few hours always fun. Caitlin thinks that knitting needles are "very dangerous Nan". But she sat for ages stroking the wool "Cause it's like a purple sheep" she told me.
Then home to catch up on emails etc and a little note for you.
My favorite Hans Heysen painting at the Exhibition was The Saplings. Every exhibition we go to we pick an item we would like to take home if they suddenly offer to give us one. It hasn't happened so far but here's hoping.
I bought a book as I do. I love books like I love chocolate books do not increase my butt. I was looking at the Maggie Grey book Textile Transformations and there is a free online class to go with it. As I needed to order some wool and things for my fiber forum class I got the book too.
Which led me too Workshop on the Web which I am still investigating. also Issue 6 of Fibre and Stitch is out or in emailed to me anyway. but I haven't looked at it yet.

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