Friday, November 14, 2008


Today has been another crazy day. I still haven't had a chance to play with my new machine but I am going to The Bernina 440 Club at Allmake tomorrow so I'll get a chance then.
today I got up late and toddled off to town to Doing Dolls and Quilts to hand out the patterns for the Susie McMahon workshop. We are making the doll above Moxie in December.
Jackie is joining us for the workshop and was good enough to host an info session for those doing the doll. She is also moving out of her premises so I took the opportunity to buy some very nice voile and stock up on 20mm wooden beads and soem round rings for dorset buttons. Then wasted a couple of hours food shopping. I did buy a new magazine that I hadn't seen before called Textiles Anyone? this is an Australian and New Zealand Textile Craft Directory. Yes a list of suppliers, tutors, groups and guilds. Some very interesting reading there.
I am hoping to get some serious cleaning up some in my workroom so I can start another project. I am going to finish something first. I have to finish quilting the squares for Caitlins quilt so that will be next I think. I have started Sandy Pine Pattern Aliyah. She is very pretty and I have a plan for her. Sandy is a member of The Cloth Doll Club of SA she is our wonderful newsletter editor and I would be lost without her. I am President and if she resigns so am I.