Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here it is the beginning of a new week. I look at Sunday as the first day of the week. I have 3 days off. the weather here is quite bizarre for the end of November. I am sitting here in a track suit and my ugg boots freezing my butt off.
I have 3 days off work and as they are driving me a bit demented at the moment I am not going in to do any extra days. I may change my mind about that before morning as I could use the money. I should make a list of things to do over the three days and then I would realize I don't have time to go to work.
1. Sew and stuff the bits for the Susie McMahon workshop.
2. Finish the piece for Fiber Forum next year. I am finishing a little thread darning moonscape I made earlier for the auction at Fiber Forum.
3. Order the silk etc for Fiber Forum.
4. Stuff and sew Aliyah.
5. go back to the gym. I haven't been for weeks. My back seems to have settled down so if it plays up again after going to the gym I think I will resign my membership and just get fat and lazy. Fat and lazy has a great deal of attraction at the moment.
6. Make Christmas Cakes for Embroiderers Guild Xmas Extravaganza. I also must take in the stuff for the next exhibition and return that library book and pay for the summer school.

I definitely don't have time to go to work.

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