Thursday, November 13, 2008

Titania finished

Well at last she is done. I finished Titania for the Craft and Quilt Show. The group shot is the dolls I displayed. The center shot is of Titania the little fairy is one I made some years ago and she was in the display for kids to pick up and hold. Kids always want to touch the dolls, adults too and it is nice if there is a few simple dolls for them to pick up and feel.

We have four prizes for entering and 3 were decided by viewers choice. Number 4 was the Presidents Challenge and this will be a lucky draw for all those who entered a new doll which fit in the theme for this year.
The theme for our display was "There is a Fairy(Magical Creature) in the garden". Unfortunately there was not a huge response to having a themed section so we probably won't do that again. The committee (I am president) thought we would offer an incentive to participate and introduced the Presidents Challenge. The rules are
• A new doll finished between November 2008 and November 2009 that has not been displayed before.
• Must fit the theme set by the President which will be announced in the February Newsletter.
• All participants will receive a ticket for each doll entered and a lucky draw will be performed at the December Meeting 2009.

Our next display is at the Hahndorf Doll and Teddy Bear Extravaganza and I have set a Challenge for that too. To dress/decorate a doll mannequin or make/dress/decorate a dress form.
I hope there will be a bit more interest in that.

I have also been in the local paper with my dolls and am going to be in the Weekender. Local free paper. I was also on the TV but that was for work. I am a celebrity(SO not).

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