Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Using Silk

I have succeeded at getting the photos to load. Thank you to all those who advised me. The top photo is a blurry shot of the set of three Silk pieces three I did for our exhibition. The second photo is of the centre piece.
The white silk paper I made using silk and instructions from Unique Stitching. The gold stitched work is a mixture of silk rods, threads and throwsters waste. This was all sandwiched between a sheet of solvy and a sheet of romeo from the Thread Studio and machined all over then rinsed out. I glued it all to the canvas with Chromacry Atelier medium.
I am receiving the Art Quilt Collection from Unique Stitching. I receive a pack each month of a different technique or product and notes on how to use them. This only costs $10.00 a month. Money well spent.
The first month was silk paper, second was metals, third was water colour paper, fourth was silk rods and throwsters waste. Fifth is paint.

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Guzzisue said...

hey, welcome to blogland..they look like beautiful flowers, what size are they?