Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quick bits

I am treating this as a bit of a diary which I am sure is the idea. Haven't done anything much art wise today. I went to work and then the gym. The Battle with the Big Bottom is going well. I have only lost 100 grams this month but I have lost 12 centimetres and I can actually feel some muscle developing in my arms which is a victory. I feel better too. I have coped really well with the heat. This time last year I was still slightly insane from teflon poisoning and felt like crap. So a big victory.
Art wise yesterday I realised the colours of yesterdays creations blend too much and I need to put in some contrasts. I found a piece of white silk paper I made and I am auditioning that. So far so good. I also pulled out the scarves I made. they need a bit of extra love so the yellow and white one was the guinea pig.I free machined all over it which distorted the nice rectangular shape but made it much more interesting. I am still using only what is in my stash so I have to con sider what to do with the others to make them more interesting.
The learning of the new camera is going alright I managed to get a great photo of Jessica but the photos of my new work are blurry. I have to print out the manual for the camera and read it. Anyway here is a photo of my youngest granddaugter.

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