Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 2 - Adventures with Stuff

It is cooler here today, the temperature has dropped from around 40 degrees at 3 pm to around 27 now. I am sitting in just the right spot to catch a lovely breeze. This time last night It was still 36 degrees.

I have painted another piece of lutrador as I didn't make the other piece big enough I had a jar of copper paint that I used with the gold.

Greg the Long Suffering has just come in from the shed where the love of my life has fossicked around and found me some excellently rusted nails. Next I am going to ask him to find me some rusty wire but I don't want to push my luck too far today.

The felt dyed really well and the mulberry bark as well. I found a sculpy initial I made for a necklace which was way to big. The colour fits in with my colour scheme. I still have to do something with the purple tyvek but I am not sure what. I also found some dyed cheesecloth (scrim) that fits in with the colours. The abaca tissue has been returned to the stash as an orphan it wasn't quite right.

Working out how to add photos, has proved another adventure. Firstly I have a new camera bought from Ebay and the instructions are all in french, then there is the added lack of photographic talent. So the first photos are not worth putting up here.
Just as I was about to take more photos SIL rang to say he'd cut himself so we raced up the street and there he was bleeding from a fairly major cut on his foot. Ironing boards are dangerous. He was using it too stop the No 2 GD from getting out of the lounge and it was on its side and he managed to cut himself while stepping over it.
Luckily his Mum was on the spot so Greg and I stayed with the granddaughters and She took him to hospital, they patched him and said too come back tomorrow. So now the photos will have to wait until tomorrow as well. I am going to download the english version of the manual and print it off. Of course I am running out of ink so that will go on the list of To-Do's for tomorrow.

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